‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

I spent a good portion of my childhood growing up in Australia. There, there were four seasons and I remember falling in love most with autumn. I loved the colors of autumn — the earthy, neutral meets fiery scheme from nature. I loved how pretty trees looked and how the leaves fell, how it all automatically make you feel poetic and melancholic. As a child, I thought autumn was the most romantic season to be in.

As I moved back to Indonesia and grew up in the tropics, I only know two seasons: the dry and the wet season, with the small transitioning period in between. Simply, half of the year is full of rain and the other half is mainly hot and dry. In Papua, I didn’t really pay attention much to the seasons, it all felt pretty much the same: rain one day, sunny the next. But when I moved to Surabaya, it was a whole different story. See, you don’t feel the extremity of dry and wet season much in Papua; sure, there are the occasional torrents of rain and plainly hot days — but Surabaya is a whole new extreme.

The wet season in Surabaya is full of rain. Seriously, it’s just rain, plain rain, all day err-day. It can start out as a small drizzle and end up in hideous rainstorm the next moment. It’s always cloudy and a raincoat is a must-have item for all motorcycle riders — or else you’re done for. The wet season is abundant in water; even the roads seem like mini-pools. Little ponds are filled to the brim, the rivers are dangerously so too, and the worst part of it is that some roads end up with pot-holes and bumps because it’s always covered with water… And you have near zero visibility of those damn pot-holes!! I swear I hate this season the most, especially because of the excessive leaking recently (that, even though I had it fixed many times, still leaks) that broke down my bedroom ceiling. Ugh. I had to spend the next few months sleeping in the living room.

And the dry season? Boy… It feels like hell’s gates moved to the wonderful city of Surabaya. You can’t even buy ice-cream from the nearest Indomaret and arrive home with it intact, it’ll turn into a small puddle of flavored liquid (I might be exaggerating, but I did buy ice cream once and it did turn mostly into a small, squishy, and colorful puddle of ice as I got home). There’s literally no rain whatsoever for the whole season. You can actually see ponds, creeks, and small rivers drying up. Heck, you can see the cracks on the soil at the bottom of these bodies of water. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even imagine how people living in the desert manage.

As much as I despise the ridiculous extremes in Surabaya, I love the exact moments when you can feel the season changes. That first drop of rain after a hellish season. That beautiful smelling petrichor; I swear I can almost hear the dry earth and all the plants coming back to life, belting songs of praise and worship to the skies. I also love the moment when the sunny sky opens up again; when the horrible torrents of water become slight, friendly drizzles once more. Those peaceful in-between moments are my most savored moments, the ones I look forward to the most.

I can go on and on about my love/hate relationship with Surabaya’s seasons or how much I love autumn, but the one season that I look forward to the most is winter in the northern hemisphere. My reason: SNOW, dammit. You don’t get snow in the tropics and down south (unless you go on top of Jayawijaya or to Antarctica or the likes, which I have absolutely no intention to do so). I’ve even experienced hails in Aussie and it was, needless to say, horrifying! I just need to see, feel, and make stupid little snowmen and snow angels to make my life complete, minus the snowstorms and such. Ha!


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