‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

I spent a good portion of my childhood growing up in Australia. There, there were four seasons and I remember falling in love most with autumn. I loved the colors of autumn — the earthy, neutral meets fiery scheme from nature. I loved how pretty trees looked and how the leaves fell, how it all automatically make you feel poetic and melancholic. As a child, I thought autumn was the most romantic season to be in.

As I moved back to Indonesia and grew up in the tropics, I only know two seasons: the dry and the wet season, with the small transitioning period in between. Simply, half of the year is full of rain and the other half is mainly hot and dry. In Papua, I didn’t really pay attention much to the seasons, it all felt pretty much the same: rain one day, sunny the next. But when I moved to Surabaya, it was a whole different story. See, you don’t feel the extremity of dry and wet season much in Papua; sure, there are the occasional torrents of rain and plainly hot days — but Surabaya is a whole new extreme. Continue reading “‘Tis the Season to be Jolly”

Why do you go to the museum?

One of my favourite places to visit in a city would probably be its museums, simply because it fascinates me how certain events, little trinkets, or even people defines a single context in time, and museums do a good job of communicating these things. A museum can exhibit anything of important value. It can be historical, cultural, scientific, or artistic. It can be about certain events, artifacts, objects, architecture, even living beings! Yep, zoos and botanical gardens are also museums.

Now, I don’t go to the museum to simply gawk or to be entertained, but to learn; to satisfy my curiosity towards specific things. I may not always have a concrete objective of what I want to learn, but discovering something new is a positive value. For example, I visited the safari park several days ago because I was curious about the animals there, and at the end of the day I ended up knowing a tad bit more than I did on hawks and eagles. I visited House of Sampoerna not because I love cigars and tobacco (I don’t, by the way), but at the end I learned about vintage handmade cigarettes — oh and there’s a lovely art gallery there too, if I may point it out. Learning and gaining something new is a major motivation for me to visit museums. I’d rather do that than being stuck at a shopping mall date or a boring movie date.


House of Sampoerna has the prettiest museum doors Continue reading “Why do you go to the museum?”